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As I was driving back from Springfield to Branson tonight, I was thinking about what to compose on this last blog, for my class that Ms. Johansen has taught.  I have been attending Agriculture 399, a “public relations in agriculture” … Continue reading

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One-shot Wednesday: Hawk moths suck!

Originally posted on Beetles In The Bush:
Hyles lineata nectaring at flowers of Ericameria nauseosa | San Juan Co., Utah I admit it—I give short shrift to Lepidoptera compared to other groups of insects. This is not because I don’t…

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Greenhouse for Dummies

Originally posted on The Green Initiative:
If India has to emerge as an economic power in the world, our agricultural productivity should equal those countries, which are currently rated as economic power of the world. We need a new and…

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Poultry Production in Southwest Missouri

  As a State Park Naturalist at Roaring River State Park I had the opportunity to participate in the dye tracing at the headwaters of Roaring River Spring.  Roaring River State Park is located in Barry County South of Cassville … Continue reading

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Weaning Calves On My Farm.

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Dairy Carrie from Wisconsin came to our Agr. 399 class thru Skype, Wednesday November 13, 2013.  She had mentioned that she was just outside tending to the dairy chores that occur daily on the three hundred acre farm that she … Continue reading

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Wheat – Good or Bad?

Originally posted on The Healthy Rainbow:
I’ve really been struggling lately with what is right or wrong regarding wheat. I really hate to see wheat demonized. I love my wheat – it’s soooo good in a nice, fresh loaf of…

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