As I was driving back from Springfield to Branson tonight, I was thinking about what to compose on this last blog, for my class that Ms. Johansen has taught.  I have been attending Agriculture 399, a “public relations in agriculture” class this semester at Missouri State University.   As I was driving down the highway and looking across into the valley where the Highway 76 strip meanders, I felt a sense of smallness as to the world around me.  With the internet and its many sites, people can connect, talk, make business deals, send pictures instantly, watch funny videos and share life.   As I admired the beautiful lights of the night, I compared the glow and sparkle to the internet.  This class I was enrolled into, has made me aware of all the new and innovative tools we have at our fingertips, in the social media. 

I am so grateful for the skype meeting of “Carrie Dairy” and all her advice.  Her sense of humor and “down home” attitude brought some realistic expectations when I continue to use my WordPress account.  I will keep my blog going and become more focused on my topic and grammar!  Having this blog assignment, has forced me out of the comfort zone and to feel empowered with the internet! There were many evenings I spent at the coffee shop, consuming huge amounts of caffeine, typing out my thoughts about farming and the stewardship that is expected of us.  With my many years of experience dealing with landowners and the USDA and the “city” folks I had to reach as a Park Naturalist….we as landowners, are being trusted to make the right choices.  I have read many blogs on conservation and the wise use of our resources, and will continue to follow those blogs.    My social media plan with the Turkey Creek Outdoors was a great assignment too!  At first I thought it was overwhelming, but as I got into the project, I felt a sense of empowerment!  I hope someday to use this strategy in a business of my own.  In closing for now, I am happy I took this class, and I hope to see some of my classmates blogging in the future!  Thank you!

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