Dairy Carrie from Wisconsin came to our Agr. 399 class thru Skype, Wednesday November 13, 2013.  She had mentioned that she was just outside tending to the dairy chores that occur daily on the three hundred acre farm that she lives on.  Carrie has been blogging for about two years now and she has received a lot attention due to her style and humor about her life on the farm and some of the “hot” topics she has addressed about Agriculture.  Her first really big challenge was when the movie star Ryan Gosling, paid by PETA, commented on dehorning cattle.  She found the article extremely ridiculous therefore she replied to Gosling about the dehorning of cattle with poise, humor and education.  Carrie mentioned that you should treat everyone that blogs with respect and not to attack their integrity.  Her main goal in her blogging site is to present transparency in Agriculture and dealing with some of the false or misleading articles that arise daily in the news.  Carrie said that you need to write from your heart and not to write in the 3rd person, but to write like you talk and make it somewhat humorous.  I asked her if her husband was bothered by her spending so much time on the computer and internet and she mentioned that he and the family were a little tested by the amount of time but they realize she can shut off her phone. Carrie said that she will post on her Facebook  one or two times a day and the topic is usually leading up to her blog that she writes once a week.  She uses her Facebook as a tool to guide followers to her blog and she keeps the interest by posting a picture of every new baby calf that is born on the farm.  Carrie is already comfortable with the internet because she used to have an online clothing site and she is now selling many articles of clothing related to being “Dairy Carrie” and I have to say the clothing line hits home and is very clever!  Carrie first found out how powerful her social media was when she was empowered to formulate a hay drive to Oklahoma and Texas two years ago when those cattle farmers were in dire need of feed for their cattle because of the drought.  She was able to round up seven semi-trailer loads of hay to move down the highway to those farmers.  Being on Ag Chat is another avenue for Carrie with her approach in the dairy business and how the future of Agriculture needs to be proactive instead of reactive.  Carrie was able to stop the advertisement campaign from Panera Bread Company when they were showing poultry growers as mega companies pumping antibiotics into their chickens.   I guess seeing and listening is believing and I have been fortunate to learn about the Word Press blogging site and meeting a “real” person attached to the computer has made me want to use this tool in the future for my Agriculture business.

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