Wheat – Good or Bad?

The Healthy Rainbow

I’ve really been struggling lately with what is right or wrong regarding wheat. I really hate to see wheat demonized. I love my wheat – it’s soooo good in a nice, fresh loaf of home baked bread or some angel hair pasta with homemade sauce…right? Or is that part of the problem? Yes, it is tasty, for sure. And whole grains are good for us, aren’t they? Well, I read an article today on Mind, Body, Green by Kerry Shaw. Kerry interviewed the author of the book “Wheat Belly,” Dr. William Davis. This interview made me sit up and take notice. I felt like they were describing me – when you eat wheat, you feel stimulation of appetite,  addictive food relationships, insatiable cravings, headaches, anxiety, nervousness, etc. It’s described as being like an opiate addiction. OK, then, that explains a lot of things! Like how when I eat just a…

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