Drive Up and Be Served!

As I’m sitting here in Panera Bread, I’m wondering if all the folks visiting my tourist town here in Branson, realize that the food they are waiting in line for, came to them from hard working farmers.  Many of the old folks that just unloaded from the two buses are busy thinking about seeing the next country show or wondering what time breakfast will be after a good nights sleep down at the Comfort Inn.  Many folks have become very far removed from our Agricultural roots and they don’t realize all the steps it takes to get food from the “gate to the plate.”  All they have to do is go to Wal Mart or to Panera Bread and woolah…a plate or shopping cart full of wholesome goodness!  I believe that all Americans feel very confident that their food is healthy, has been inspected and is safe for their consumption.  Because American farmers take pride in what they produce and because the USDA was borne to keep our food supply at a healthy and plentiful state, we as consumers, basically just “Drive Up” and get “Served.”  I feel like some of my fellow neighbors might be spoiled and take their food supply for granted.  What if all the topsoil was to wash away, or we had several years of a drought or like in the Northwest, having an unexpected pile of snow during October that killed thousands of cattle.  What would my fellow consumers think if they had to pay $20.00 for a gallon of milk?  Many folks wonder why we have the USDA and the Natural Resources Conservation Service….why do we pay taxes to support those government agencies?  Why do we have to pay for crop insurance,  why do we have to pay for District Conservationists that educate farmers on soil conservation?  Many civilizations in the past, have literally blown away,  because of drought, soil erosion and disease.  I would hate to live in any other country right now because they may not have the resources or inclination to produce a healthy and abundant food supply.   I am very glad to be an American and hope for the sake of our country that we can continue to take our food supply for granted….we just need to educate those that don’t understand the hard work and love for the job.  One more thing, Branson will be home to thousands of Veterans that will be here during the Veterans Day Celebrations!   We thank all of them for their service and dedication, for without them we may not have the freedom to just “Drive Up” and be “Served” our Plentiful Food!!!



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