Adopt a Wild Mustang Program

This past weekend I enjoyed an interpretive talk about the “Adopt a Wild One” program at Silver Dollar City.  A spokesperson from Harrison Arkansas was there with his two beautiful little fillies that were under two years of age.  This man or “Cowboy” as he called himself, was very informative about the Wild Horse and Burro Program that is managed by the U.S. Department of the Interior, Bureau of Land Management.  He mentioned that these beautiful animals are rugged, very intelligent and what I like most about the Mustangs, was that their hooves never need to be trimmed or shoes put on them!  These horses were remnants from the Spanish all the way to the Calvary troops left one hundred years ago to themselves to roam the West and then rounded up by the Forest Service and Department of the Interior for number control.  He mentioned that the government or us “taxpayers” are now taking care of 45,000 non-adoptable animals which cost us $3.45 a day to house and feed.  When you do the math on the expense, it costs us approximately $ 155,000.00 a day to take care of these mustangs and burros!  These non-adoptable animals have been deemed too unsafe or not transferrable to owners or they have been adopted several times and they did not match their intended use.  The spokesperson’s two fillies, had been in his possession since April and they were perfectly mannered, six months later.  It does cost $125.00 to adopt a mustang or burro which basically covers vaccinations and all the paperwork.  You need a strong corral of at least twelve feet by twelve feet and it should be of pipe corral or cattle panels.  It would be a labor of love and dedication to take on one of these animals for farm use or just pleasure riding.  You can check out the program at and maybe end up with an “American Legend” addition to your farming program.

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2 Responses to Adopt a Wild Mustang Program

  1. Mother,

    That would be an excellent graduation present for your eldest!

    -Eldest Daughter

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