Big Government “Wake Up Call”

607Well here we go again, more political wrangling.  We can’t seem to get our politicians to manage our money correctly.  What are we up to now?  I wonder if the debt is 18 Trillion dollars and still climbing?  Do you think they will raise the debt ceiling again?  Do you think other countries are laughing at us and can’t wait till we default on our loans?   If we as farmers and landowners managed our farming interests like they do in Washington, we would be run out of town.  When you have lean years, a drought or just can’t pay your personal or real estate property taxes, you have to cut your losses and tighten up your belt and work harder to make ends meet next year.   I remember when the debt was around 7 Trillion and couldn’t even imagine how we could get out of that mess.  Some Southwest Missourians seem oblivious to the situation in Washington and some people I talk to are anxious for a big change in our government.  Issues like property values going down and the price of fuel skyrocketing, something has to change!  Like I have mentioned in earlier blogs we can’t pay our bills when half of our income goes to gasoline just to drive to work or school every day.   No one can afford the internet at home when I see so many individuals sitting all over town in coffee shops where it is free.  The amount of thrift stores has boomed in the area while no one can afford new clothes off the racks.  Where I reside, it is a seasonal job market, and it is feast or famine when the winter sets in.  Many individuals are laid off from their low paying jobs and another issue in town…… many Russians and Jamacians are sent back home for the winter.  Back when the “New Deal” was put in place, our politicians thought they could manage and spend our money better than most Americans.   With the birth of the USDA, it was a call to help for the farmers and ranchers in educating them on the “wise use” of our most precious resource, our SOIL!   Yes, we do need a central force for education and infrastructure, but please get the finances in order to keep our country together so we farmers can continue to feed the world!

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