Why are we paying so much….

As I sit here pondering what to type about, I think about how the price of gasoline really gets me hot under the collar.  The picture below was taken in 2009 and was in Mt. Grove Missouri. Now that the Labor Day holiday is history, why is the price of gas in Branson $3.39 a gallon? When I drive to Springfield the price of gasoline will be twenty or thirty cents a gallon cheaper. Of course I live in a tourist town but when winter rolls around here there is no mercy on us. The price of fuel has stagnated our economy.  I haven’t gone on vacation in two years and just wonder how other families are handling the prices of fuel and propane for heating their homes.  I work in retail and I can see that customers are wearing tighter belts and not addressing important issues because they have to pay for gasoline just to get to work.  I feel like our present politicians are out of touch and it’s funny how the media steers clear of this issue.  As in Agriculture, fuel plays an important role in everything we do.  I see more pastures that need to be brush hogged or mowed now, but due to the fuel costs who can afford that?  Even poultry produces are looking at higher prices of propane to keep the chickens warm this winter.  We need to become politically engaged and get something done about this before it breaks us all.

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